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"I Still Get Demented" Turns 10 (Jan 11, 2013)

San Diegan begins producing his own weekly funny recording showcase in 2003.

On January 13, 2003, just over two decades when 91X became the San Diego home for modern rock, a little known streaming radio station operating from a boiler room or underground bunker or wherever first aired a three-hour showcase of funny music for fans of novelty and comedy who need more than just two hours of Dr. Demento a week.

San Diego's Own "I Still Get Demented" Turns 10 (Jan 13, 2013)

On January 13, 2003, just over two decades when 91X became the San Diego home for modern rock, a little known streaming radio station operating from a boiler room or underground bunker or wherever first aired a three-hour showcase of funny music for fans of novelty and comedy who need more than just two hours of Dr. Demento a week.

On that evening, "I Still Get Demented", a weekly showcase of funny recordings hosted by webmaster David Tanny, made its debut, with its first song being spun called "The Jimi Hendrix Polka" by Brave Combo. Afret that, it played some songs and acts few funny radio shows anywhere at the time were playing such as Mark Poolos, Two Chicks and a Casio, Atomic Jefferson, The O.B. Ranger, host David Tanny himself, and Jim Caruso that week, plus other acts that got wider exposure including Power Salad, Whimsical Will, They Might Be Giants, Spike Jones, Tom Lehrer, Jimmy Fallon (who just released his first CD in 2002 and was the most popular ISGD artist of 2012), Johnny Cash, George Carlin, and a two-song tribute to Meri Wilson who died the month before (and got some airplay outside of Dr. Demento such as the now defunct 100.3 KIQQ in Los Angeles).

Before ISGD, a few funny novelty radio shows first began appearring on the Internet as soon as several college radio stations, that featured the shows, began streaming their radio signals on the Internet beginning around 1996, the same time that commercial radio stations slowly began streaming their signals on the Internet. About four of the streaming commercial stations were affilliates of the Dr. Demento Show. Many of them, such as Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter, Chris Waffle's show All-U-Can-Eat Buffet Of Musical Madness, and others, played some of what Demento played, plus, being a noncommercial educational station, experiemented with other genres of novelty such as nerdcore, cartoon, and other non mainstream styles.

One of the longest of the early funny recording radio shows, Friggin' Here, lasted from December 1996 to December 2006.

Many more shows have since popped up on the Internet, each doing their own thing of funny music. ISGD has been doing its own share of presenting odd and unusual recordings on and off in various forms over the past 10 years.

In 2003, it imitated American Idol with it's own "Demented Idol" where listeners get to select the funny artists that should move on to the next round from week to week. Since that year, it introdued countless hundreds of rarely-played acts, some of which later became successful funny artists. ISGD was playing what broadcast radio just would no longer play: funny recordings.

In Spring of 2004, it introduced a weekly top 3 request feature that spawned into its own weekly top nine requests of the week in August of that year. In 2005, it became the Dementia Top 20 playing the listeners' top 20 requests of the week.

ISGD was carried as a programming feature on DFSX Radio, a streaming funny music station that lasted on and off from 2000-07 and 2008-12. Besides ISGD and DT20, it produced The DFSX Time Machine, The Humpday Special, and carried Steve Jarrott, Dave's Gone By, and selected other shows of interest.

When DFSX ran out of funds to continue to operate, ISGD ceased production as it was in July 2007, but the DT20 segueued onto madmusic.com and continued on with Tanny as host until he quit at the end of the year for reasons of exhaustion. DJ Particle resurrected the show three weeks later in January 2008 and has been running since then.

Tanny began producing a new show based on ISGD on madmusic.com called "Mad Music Comedy Zone" that same month, allowing him to continue to expose listeners to odd and rarely-played recordings of funny artists. "ISGD" was briefly resurrected as a podcast show in 2008, but "ISGD" returned as a weekly streaming radio show in October of 2009 on DFSX and stayed there until the end of 2011 when "ISGD" moved to madmusic.com

Meanwhile, Tanny has been experimenting with, at first, a grudge match between two top new funny songs per show in January of 2008, and that lasted four months. In May of 2008, Tanny introduced "David's Top 10", similar in name to what happened when Casey Kasem left "American Top 40" in 1988 and began his own countdown "Casey's Top 40".

After that, in January 2009, he began doing a podcast version of a countdown show, the bi-weekly "The Fun 30 Countdown" where listeners chose which 30 songs to play. That lasted until May.

In January of 2010, Tanny went back into the countdown business with "The iFunny Weekly Top 10", followed by "The Funny Top 20" in January of 2011, very much resurrecting the original spirit of the old Tanny-era DT20 show.

In January of 2012, he incorporated the FT20 into the shorter-ISGD show. The top five songs of the FT20 were played as well as selected other songs that charted in a new segment called "Chart Attack", playing four songs from #6-#20.

In January of 2013, he introduced "The Funderground Top 30 Countdown" (as part of ISGD) ranking the top 30 listener-requested funny songs of the week. The "Chart Attack" feature then featured songs #6-#30.

So after a decade of producing and hosting shows, Tanny is still doing dementia wrong, but listeners are enjoying it week after week.

The first episode of "ISGD" can be streamed at the madmusic.com site:


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